When will this game be ready?

-- We don't know. One guy (that also has a real life in which he has to go to university, work and needs to sleep) does most of the work. We're working on this game as much as we can. In other words: It's done when it's done. We will keep you updated of course!

Will this game be free?

-- No, but it will be very cheap. I'm going to charge you for the CD-Rom, the packaging and shipping. I'll probably add one or two bucks for administration too. After all, I have to give up some spare time to get our game at your door.

How much is the game gonna cost?

-- Prices haven't been decided yet, but it will most likely range between $10.00 and $15.00 US Dollars. It depends on how we're going to distibute it. I'm not developing this game to become rich, so don't worry. ;)

Why can't we download the game for free, when it's out?

-- Because it's going to be BIG. I know lots of people have high-end internet connections for which the size won't matter, but I don't think it's fair to charge people with slow connections while others can download it for free. Another reason is bandwidth, which is very expensive. If too many people would download the game, I'd have to pay a lot of extra cash to my hosting service.

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