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Brett Brenneman
Age: 23
Voice: Tom King
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Meet Brett Brenneman, a 23-year-old slob who still lives with his parents in an average suburban neighborhood. Brett's pretty content with his dull life which mainly consists of working in the local supermarket from 9 to 5 and watching TV at night, but sometimes he dreams of leaving his boring surroundings to seek adventure. His dreams might come true one night when a woman and one-eyed alien pick his back yard to make a rather improvised landing.


Cpn. Jane Anyway
Age: 38
Voice: We're still looking!


Captain Jane Anyway doesn't care much about captaining. She doesn't really care much about anything, except her looks. She also cares very much about her favorite soap opera, which she always tapes in case she can't be there to watch. It's understandable that her crew isn't exactly motivated which has resulted in numerous failed missions in the past. People don't call her starship the 'USS Unreliable' for nothing...


Lieutenant Krod
Age: Unknown
Voice: Michael Atherton
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Lieutenant Krod is a one-eyed pilot on board USS Unreliable; at least he's supposed to be. He never managed to land his shuttle flawlessly, but at least he manages to get it off the ground. His lack of depth perception isn't helping him much either. A decent crew is hard to find, especially on board a ship with a rather dubious reputation.


James 3000B
Age: 4
Voice: Peter Edge


James 3000B is a discarded android who used to be the janitor aboard spaceship USS Unreliable. His services are no longer required since captain Anyway bought the latest model, the Andrew 5-SE. Now James is stored somewhere aboard the ship collecting dust. James was made somewhere in China (so the label on his butt says) where his programmers made one tiny mistake: programming him to be allergic to dust. Not very logical considering his profession.


Age: Unknown
Voice: We're still looking!


Khad is the owner of 'Khad's Diner', a greasy truck stop where the filthiest alien truckers hang out, having a break from their transportation businesses. Khad has seen a lot during his career and nothing impresses him anymore. Although he has the looks of a tough guy not to be messed with, he is quite easy-going and has a good sense of humor.


'Iron Arm' Kradek
Age: Unknown
Voice: We're still looking!


Kradek is a tough trucker, the kind you better leave alone if you have any sense. His cargo mainly contains sheets and other laundry, which he carries from the dry cleaners to the detention center (or jail, if you prefer) and vice versa. He's also known as 'Iron Arm' because the bones in his right arm are replaced with iron pins after an accident he had years ago. You'll often find Kradek hanging around at Krod's Diner, which conveniently lies on his route.

Age: 5
Voice: n/a


Hucky would be the Brenneman family cat. She doesn't trust Brett, especially when he's getting too close to her food. Don't make her mad: Her paws are sharp as razors and she guards her food with all her seven lives!



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